"We were fortunate to have Emily Lerer as both of our daughters’ kindergarten teacher. Thanks to her incredible rigor and respect for kids, she has instilled in them a true love of learning and especially reading. The children who are now benefitting from her tutoring are very lucky."

Jan, Jimmy and Tess Biberaj

"Tess was not the first reader in her class but with your skills to guide her she was capable of great strides. You've taught her to own it at her own pace. You helped me encourage not push. You have such a gift of language and your approach always made Tess feel safe even while tackling those know this program will be well worth all your effort and patience."

Stacy and Bill kestin

"Thank you Emily for having such a huge influence in my son's life. As a teacher and now as a tutor in math enrichment you inspire Matthew at a young age to understand the importance of community, curiosity and a true love for learning. We are grateful to you and appreciate you!"

Celeste Schneider

"Having Emily as Sophie's introduction to school was the best we could have asked for. Under her guidance, nurturing and most of all her enthusiasm for learning that was clearly transferred to the class, has made Sophie a student that loves to learn and has great respect for school and learning."

Nicole Gordon Levine

"Ms. Emily Lerer was so wonderfully helpful with my son's learning abilities. Not only is she patient, but she is also kind, caring and enthusiastic about helping each child and catering to each child's needs. My son still talks about her and misses her dearly. My eldest child also had the pleasure of having Ms. Emily Lerer as her teacher and still has a picture of them on our living room wall. If a picture does say 1,000 words, then I do not need to say more about how wonderful Ms. Emily means to our family."